The Fire Lady

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I always used to draw female figures. Still do. Although they have acquired more meaning over the years and what I used to draw was mainly for relaxation.

In any case, I had trouble looking properly when I tried to copy something.

I saw so much that what I should pay attention to, the proportions for example, were completely ignored. The result were drawings that I loved, but that received a lot of criticism from outside. Princesses I drew ended up unfinished in a draft in the corner.

I think you know the feeling of thinking you're not good at it? I've often felt that way when it came to drawing.

When someone finally told me that I probably had no talent for it, the little certainty I had about my drawings was over.

Maybe it took years of life experience before I picked up a pencil again and realized that it was a shame that I had apparently only created to get some confirmation that 'I' was okay. Drawing was apparently always an extension of my identity and I was not aware of that as a child and as a young adult.

That only came years ago. When I was working on a drawing of a fire lady. I had so much fun drawing and especially wanted to share that fun with the world. So when someone gave me 'justified' criticism of the drawing, the fun was gone and I felt so terribly small that I almost gave up on it again.

But after a number of good conversations with friends, I persevered, because what does criticism matter if you have fun in creating?

No, it wasn't super art. And it certainly wasn't good. Proportions, composition and background were never correct and were usually not a whole piece.

I finally looked for an art teacher when I was ready, took a drawing and painting course online and saw myself growing. I had also reached the point where I actually enjoyed good criticism, because underneath the pain of those so-called rejections there were often comments that I could apply to my development.

Back to the barn for a moment. 

So I was looking through the sketchbooks and there she was. The Fire Lady.

I just put her under the scanner to work her out. But she is important to show as she was. Just as I once started drawing again and found my joy again.

Don't be fooled into thinking you're not good enough. Or that you have no talent. If you can keep in touch with the joy of creating, it really doesn't matter what others say about it. Just carry on. Don't be discouraged if something doesn't work out, or if it doesn't look the way you would like. Just carry on.

Be stubborn and have fun, because I truly believe that even if you have no talent, you can still be a great artist.

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